About us

The Corps Rheno-Nicaria enables students foreign to Mannheim a direct admission into an established academic society.
Older, more experienced members support the new ones in studies planning and in the preparation for actual exams and, thereby, facilitate a successful graduation.
They offer their assistance in carrier planning based on their life experience and stand beside us with useful hints in our everyday life. The competition advantage one gets during the honest communication with managers and other experienced alumni, extends the own horizon and spares mistakes.
The events of Corps Rheno-Nicaria offer the possibility to learn rhetorical and other indispensable soft-skills which aren’t communicable in an ordinary, daily university life. Besides, they offer the opportunity to learn dancing, have a lot of fun and find pleasant company.
The aggregate of these properties leads to the personal, as well as professional success of our members.
Every student who has been enrolled in a German college and seems capable of fulfilling their duties manifested in our constitution, can become a member of Corps-Rheno-Nicaria.


We require our members to perform – at university, at their job and during their Corps activity


We strongly support lifelong friendships, which are often built throughout your studies


We tolerate and respect other people and their opinion – no matter what

The Villa

The villa is the center of attention during the active corps membership. It lays in the heart of Mannheim, the sweet Oststadt, directly at the lower Luisenpark. It is the home of most members of Rheno-Nicaria during their studies and a likely visited place thereafter.
The chilled location in the Oststadt, just 15 minutes away from the university of Mannheim and the center of the city by foot, offers an exclusive environment for all students both to live and to study. Everything else can be reached effortlessly by bike or tram. Even the university of Heidelberg is just 25 minutes away.
Seminar- and workrooms, PC workspaces, printers and many more utensils ease the daily studies life. The garden with opportunities for great barbecues, the fireplace room, the salon and an always filled bar offer endless possibilities for feasts hardly worth mentioning.
We host many events in the representative rooms of the villa during a semester, which cover all the facets of joy, education, culture and sociability

Our Rooms

We offer young students spaces with separate bathrooms in our residential living with seven rooms.
The rooms are subsidized by our older, former members and are partially furnished already. These subsidiaries depict a crucial party of the inversed generation contract, which exists in Corps Rheno-Nicaria.

Academic Fencing

Academic fencing with a ‘Heidelberger Paukschläger’ has been a tradition since the beginning of Rheno-Nicaria, which we are proud to carry. Besides the sports aspect during the fencing lessons it offers the chance to outgrow ones powers and keep a cool head even in inevitable situations, which comes handy in later business-related situations.
Absolving three of those matches in duty with a progressive difficulty, one on one, strengthens our members’ temper and makes them resistant against outer, psychic impacts.

Study with fun and still manage to graduate successfully? No big deal for the elite!

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